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Just when I thought that the gifting suites season was over, up came the MTV Awards. Unfortunately for me, they were held exactly on the day before my little mother’s birthday, so I go side-lined trying to find a spectacular cookie bouquet to send to her. No fooling, they just don’t have anything creative like that in Brooklyn! I guess I should have just sent her some hotdogs cause we know that city is rockin’ those babies!

Sadly, I never did get to find exactly what I was looking for/a co-operative vendor, but the search seriously took up 2 days, which left me time for exactly one suite visit. I chose the GBK one, as I’ve attended their events in the past and knew they’d be reliable, and feature excellent sponsors.

I was not disappointed. There were only a couple of repeaters from suites past, but since they were Revitalash lash builder and Aquafresh teeth whitener, two products no glamour gal should go without, I was happy to see them again.

In the 2 hours I allotted myself (okay, truth-be-told, in addition to on-line shopping for Maybelle, I was sandwiching in my visit between the French Open TV coverage, and a rare televised-in-L.A. Mets game), I managed to visit most every area of the hip, new Hollywood club, the Kress Center, where it was held this time around. I love that GBK never bores us with the same venue time-after-time.

Usually, at all suites, several of the reps for the various gifts are less than charming, and we visitors just have to deal. This time, though, there was none of the haughty attitude. Every one I conversed with was lovely and seemed happy to meet and greet. I found really interesting, new products to clue you in on.

Some of the bigger, newer ones are supposedly being sent to me to check out more closely (pet carrier for my precious Clarence, mini-blender, popcorn machine, purses and belts--even a stripper pole!), but we’ll see which ones of them really come through (I never hold my breath when they say they’re “being shipped.”) I’ll let you know of those in a future column because they’re definitely worthwhile.

But now let’s concentrate on the fun and fabulous stuff I came home with. This time, I’m actually nuts about it all! Here are the highlights:

In case you didn’t know this about me, I’m nuts for silver jewelry. And I got winner earrings and my new favorite bracelet, designed by Nicolette Tallmadge, from a most interesting booth. It’s a service called The Sampler, and it’s a website they features all different mostly hand-made objects from smaller companies. The variety was mind-blowing and I could have spent my whole 2 hours just browsing their inventory. I sure wish I had known about it before I thought of sending my mother those pesky cookies!

In keeping with the silver jewelry theme, Zorbitz had the most fun booth. We got to sit down and choose lovely little lucky charms and make our own necklaces and good luck bracelets! It’s the brain child of a mother-daughter team, and they were kind enough to suggest I make one for my mother, as well, but I just didn’t want to be an advantage-taker, so I declined. Very kind of them to offer, though. I only hope all my charms bring me the luck they portend to. At least I’ll look cute trying for it!

A hip, new company from Toronto was featuring silver necklaces also. A lot of the pendants had what I think of as manly characters, like daggers and skulls. As surprisingly attractive as they were, I’m so glad that the guy in charge chose angel wings for me, beautifully packaged in a white leather box. He must have noticed the halo hovering over my head!

The majority of gifts seemed to be health-oriented, which is just fine with me. I spent a lot of time with Edward Group, who knew more about my colon than my gastro doc! Without going into detail, (which you’ll be grateful for--trust me), his amazing Oxy Powder (in easy pill form) works wonders. I can’t wait to start on his Slimerex ones, and return to looking like my former self--you know--the hot one.

In the same healthful vein, I got a gift certificate for You Bar, where you go to their website and design your own nutrition bars! Perfect for a picky eater like me.

The cutest guy there was Robert Scholl of The Cure, a powdered drink for getting rid of hang-overs. I’m going to start hanging them out at my parties. If only this had been around a few years ago when I was a club promoter! They’d be the perfect hand-out as all my peeps exited my clubs. (I don’t drink, but I’m going to get some guy friends to try it out and let you know if it works.)

All the while, we were treated to bite-sized cheesecake cups, catered by cream by crystal. Each one was topped by a tiny tidbit, such as a chocolate drop, blueberry, or raspberry. I could have eaten a dozen, but stopped at 2. I thought they were so cute in fact, that I featured them on my very next Karen’s Restaurant Revue!

[Note: Sorry there are no pix this time. I ran out of my house so fast that day that my camera got left in the wake, and the event photographer never sent me the ones he took. That’s why this column took so long to post--waiting on the pix. Next time, though.]


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